“Hear No Evil”  Laura Rael-Brook Art Exhibition

Hey Chamillionaire’s

I was kind enough to be invited to Hampstead artist Laura Rael-Brook, the daughter of the legendary shirts manufacturer Harry Rael-Brook, Press viewing on Thursday 5th September but honestly could not attend on the day due to childcare (parents/guardians would understand) but I was honest enough and informed the pr team my reasons why and asked if I could go the following day to meet the artist instead and thankfully they agreed, so on Friday 6th September I was able to meet the lovely Laura Rael-Brook and spoke to her about her “Hear No Evil”  art exhibition what inspired her to  showcase the artworks of an intense career, expressing the trauma and beauties of life, her Jewish heritage, and causes she cares for.

The Lucky Golfer is definitely a piece which is very interesting the materials used really put the art together

Mask of different faces


This piece was one of my favourites paintings as it was very captivating and the story behind is, her showing the three stages the prisoners felt at the concentration camp, from at first been free, then going to the concentration camp to then been burnt and finally their souls been free, the eyes represents a person who is in a cage at the concentration camp scared, nervous and sad.


Artworks include sculpture Holocaust Bride she worked on for 6 years. As you walk around it, it reflects so many of her feelings about the Holocaust and her personal trauma of losing her beloved sister to breast cancer.

The three musicians art piece is her favourite painting, she used acrylic paint to do this, painting several layers unto the canvas and then chipping bits away once the painting was dried

The Three Musicians




Monkey holding a baby



The title piece, Tobacco Marijuana is an installation made of gabions to reflect on the destructive demons of addictives.

Toast is an impressive piece of gabions, stones, varnished bread, and a toaster.

The artist’s feelings about animal cruelty are reflected in the unique artwork Karma.

Love, Hope, Passion was inspired by nature and shows three pieces of wood symbolising three of the most powerful feelings.

Laura was involved in art already at the age of 16. After her studies, she worked as a window dresser of the major stores in Savile Rowe, her works were covered in several newspapers.

She has an intense career working on a wide range of artworks. “Creating an artwork is a journey for me. I think of an idea and then constantly look at things for inspiration. I put so much of myself into it.” – she says.

Here are more detailed images from the exhibition

Karma- the blue gorilla cut into half and a blown up soldier the insides of the gorilla

The devils and his mistress is a painting that took Laura many years to complete


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Irish Jigger painting

IMG_5054IMG_5053Solo exhibition of Laura Rael-Brook

Available now – Sept 29 2019 

OmniDe Showroom, 96, Belsize Lane  NW3 5BE

Omnide++ Showroom is a beautifully arranged creative hub giving space to events, creative projects and presenting sophisticated fine arts and high end finishes for suppliers wishing to showcase their products. “The closer and wider communities are very important for us,” – says Ivan Lazzaroni, Director of OmniDe. – “We believe in collaborations and offer a creative hub to share ideas among designers, artists, suppliers, and architects. It’s a pleasure to have such a talented artist like Laura for the second time at our venue.” 

190530-Laura-Rael-Brook-112fullsizeoutput_6be (1)fullsizeoutput_6caHolocaustBride2

IMG-20190321-WA0016-copy-1Karma (1)



The talented artists laura Rael-Brook sculpting away

Photo-5 (1)

Here you can find photos of some of her earlier exhibitions, to give you a taste of these: http://contentbonum.com/lauraraelbrook/



Fendi Cafe- Harrods Review

Hey guys sorry I have gone for a while just took a break to enjoy the summer with loved ones and start planning on some business ventures

so yesterday (Wednesday 28th August) my cousin thought it would be a good idea for us to go and try out the Fendi Cafe in Harrods for lunch, as I had not really been out this summer after giving birth to my beautiful daughter I agreed.

We arrived at Harrods for 3.15pm, as it is a 15minute walk from the main entrance

On the 5th floor by the technology department we got to the restaurant at 3.30pm and was told we would have to wait 30minutes as they are very busy. Quite understandable as it’s “Fendi”plus they do not take reservations so it’s first come first served basis

We finally were given a table at 4pm

I would have to say the decor was aesthetically pleasing, loved the black and white theme, had the Fendi logo nicely decorated

The customer service was lovely, our waiter was extremely kind to interpret the menu to us as it was in Italian, the food was well cooked, I enjoyed my fruit platter apart from the sour apples which was not too my liking but apart from it all

We all enjoyed our meals and would definitely go back.

Part of Fendi’s exclusive summer takeover at Harrods, the FENDI CAFFE is open until Friday 1st November.


Pregz In Style #AD

PregzInStyle is interested in the comfort of pregnant women, nursing mothers and babies.

We decided to have this e-commerce business to support and encourage women who are expecting.

We source for the right tools to support them through this exciting journey.

PregzInStyle offer clothing that will keep you in style with the society, products that will ease you of any strenuous tasks, products that will allow you bond well with your child. Most importantly, PregzInStyle offer its services to be your friend in time of need – we can even help you shop for your hospital baby bags allowing you more time to rest before your due date.

We do not just guarantee good customer service, we assure you of quality and value for money. Contact us today because you are In charge.

We are now open both UK and Nigeria!

Check us out on both Facebook and Instagram @Pregzinstyle

Products we offer on Order


New Beginnings: Motherhood

Happy Fathers day to my amazing readers.

I know it has been nearly a year since my last post, and I sincerely apologise for not been consistent and just disappearing into hiding, but I have a great excuse for going into hiding.

I decided to take time out of social media ( instagram, twitter and snapchat) and also anything to do with blogging, even writing articles for other PR  companies and attending events as I found out I was pregnant and I really just wanted to enjoy my pregnancy with family and friends and not compare myself to expecting mothers  on social media.

It was one of the hardest decisions I had to make as it meant I would have to give up writing and focus on myself and the things around me but it was the best decision I ever made.

I would like to start this new journey in my life of being mum and a parent, as I would like to share so far what I have learnt from being pregnant to having a new born and also learn from you my readers.

Thank you to those who did not stop following me on all social media platforms as I am very happy to start this new chapter with you all


CAM xx



Almond-Infused Hair Products That Will Help Your Hair Grow – Tried and Tested


Almond oil provides a multitude of advantages for natural hair. The benefits of this great oil are not limited to natural hair, and all hair types will be improved by using this oil.

African-American hair types, which tend to have less natural luster and shine due to its textured nature will see an increase in luster when sweet almond oil is applied. Here are some of the benefits your hair could experience if you were to use almond oil on your hair.


An essential step in keeping natural hair moisturized is to use an oil or butter after a water-based moisturizer or leave in conditioner has been applied to hair. In so doing, a layer of oil locks the moisturizer within the hair, so that hair dries out more slowly over time than it would.

This is particularly beneficial to natural hair that is dry by nature and has a tendency to dry out more quickly than straighter textures. almond oil is an excellent sealant for natural hair and black hair of all types.

It is lightweight which means it won’t weigh fine hair down and won’t cause relaxed hair to become greasy.


The protein and vitamin content of sweet almond oil is very high, and this makes the oil particularly great at increasing the shine and luster of hair that is dull and dry.  Vitamins A, B, and E are all helpful in adding shine to dull hair, and these vitamins are present in high concentrations, in sweet

We all know almonds are good for improving heart health, digestive health, and the appearance of your skin. A lesser-known fact is that they’re also a great source of magnesium and biotin; two key nutrients that help your hair grow stronger and faster.

As another added bonus, the omega and protein content found in almonds can help improve your hair’s strand manageability, texture, and shine. Needless to say, they don’t call it a superfood for nothing!

Scroll through to see which almond-infused hair products you can add to your hair routine to start reaping the many benefits of these fortifying effects.


FALZ- Child of the world (Stop Rape)

th (2)th



Falz is out with a new video for the tune en-titled ‘Child Of The World’. ‘Child Of The World’ is taken from the 3rd Solo Studio album by FalzTheBahdGuy.

The moving visuals is directed by Kemi Adetiba.

Child of the World features Toyin Abraham as one of the main characters.

What’s most important about the song and visuals is the message – Sexual Abuse and Suicide.

These are two major concerns in our society today and who better pass the message on through music and visual story telling than – Falz and Kemi Adetiba. 27

Watch and Enjoy!


The Gucci x Dapper Dan Clothing Collection

The Collection Is Finally Available Online And In Stores Across The Country


<p>Dapper Dan x Gucci</p>
Courtesy of Gucci

Up until this moment, the highly coveted Gucci x Dapper Dan collection was only available at the Gucci store located on Wooster Street in New York City. You can see how that would be very limiting to die-hard fashion connoisseurs who have been itching to get their hands on the dope designs.

Well, the fashion gods are smiling down on us because the entire collection is now ready for purchase on Gucci.com and several Gucci boutiques around the country.

Dapper Dan’s collection for the brand encompasses all of the over-the-top logo loving of his prior designs, updated with more contemporary finesse. Bold double G adorned track jackets are fashioned out of sequins, leather monogrammed hoodies are uplifted with gold trims and ostentatious designs, and glasses come equipped with all over crystals. Velvet sets feature ornate dragon designs, accessorized with large gold chains. This collection is not for the faint of heart.

<p>Dapper Dan x Gucci</p>

Courtesy of Gucci


According to the press release detailing the partnership and collection, the designs are a “Guccified version of the original Dapper Dan aesthetic.” The document goes onto say that “the new collection is an extraordinary example of fashion sampling, and explores the synergy between the magpie design philosophies of both Dan and Michele [Creative Director at Gucci].”

<p>Dapper Dan x Gucci</p>

Courtesy of Gucci


I honestly couldn’t agree more.

The collection is a stunning homage to Dap’s iconic streetwear creations that were worn by Hip-Hop royalty (including LL Cool J, Rakim, and Salt-N-Pepa) to some of Harlem’s biggest gangsters. Combine that with Gucci’s luxe fabrics, attention to detail, and head-turning tailoring —  and you’ve got yourself a legendary line of clothing.

Gold printed python, Nappa leather, velour and premium denim are just a few of the fabrications found throughout the line. Gucci’s GG logo is generously used on bomber jackets to oversized fanny packs. And speaking of accessories, the Swarovski crystal-encrusted eyewear, and sleek throwback sneakers are the icing on this oh-so-dope cake.

<p>Dapper Dan x Gucci&nbsp;</p>

Courtesy of Gucci

But what we love the most is that Dap is back in the sartorial spotlight where he belongs. Now excuse us while we spend all our money!

Here’s a look at more of the incredible Gucci x Dapper Dan collection…


Dapper DanDexq7s8WsAAjlY0BFA_23112_2776801

<p>Dapper Dan x Gucci</p>

Courtesy of Gucci

<p>Dapper Dan x Gucci</p>

Courtesy of Gucci

<p>Dapper Dan x Gucci</p>

Courtesy of Gucci
<p>Dapper Dan x Gucci</p>
Courtesy of Gucci



Wedding Season: Polka Dots, Bright Shades & Florals

We all know wedding season has commenced and this season it is all about bold colours, florals and polka dots, I will be showing you wear to shop from high -street brands to high-end names.


MARISOTA -Spot Print Pleat Maxi Skirt – PD835



 Product Details
Irregular spot print design. Fully elasticated waist and easy pull-on style.
Length 35in/89cm.
Machine washable.
  • Product available in sizes: 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32
  • Available in: Black/White


Spot Jacquard Slip Dress


  • Colour:  PINK
  • Code:  35M06NPNK

Polka Dot Print Open Back Maxi Dress


  • Colour:  NAVY BLUE
  • Code:  10G14NNAV







Men in Power Interview: DJ Blighty: Celebrity DJ

This week on Men in Power we have a very talented, award-winning, father, celebrities know him as the master on decks and you all know him as UK’s finest Top Dj.

I am pleased to have DJ Blighty as our men in Power of the week.

Congratulations on winning best Urban Dj of the year for Mixcloud.

How was it finding out you won best Dj or the year?

Thank you. It was unexpected, to be honest so I was very overwhelmed when I found out, I wouldn’t have got there without the support of my listener’s so I’m very grateful to them for their support.

You have over 10 million streams on Mixcloud and the number growing each day.

How do you know what songs to mix?

Haha, not quite reached the 10 Million milestones just yet, I’m hoping to get there before the end of the year though, think I’m closing in on 7 Million which is amazing. My song selection is my picks of current hits, new undiscovered artists & classics. There is no formula other than my musical ear which I had from a very young age, I have a natural ability to know which songs will mix nicely together which makes life easier.

Your mixtapes are always popping, How did you learn how to mix?

I taught myself at the tender age of 13, many tedious hours of trial & error, there weren’t any tutorials or how to’s back then, so years of practice & perseverance.

And have you considered holding masterclasses?

I haven’t, but it could be something to look at in the future.

So how did it all begin?

I’ve been obsessed with music since before I can remember, I started to take an interest in DJ-ing at the age of around 11/12 (Back when it wasn’t all that cool or popular) I begged for my first set of decks which I was fortunate to get for my 13th Birthday, started buying records with my pocket money & practicing. Many years later, here I am today.

• Where did the name come from?

That’s an easy one, my surname is Blight, my nickname in school was Blighty so choosing it as my DJ name just seemed like a no-brainer

•Well, that was very simple, I thought you might have had a story, like other djs do. Did the DJing, Production, Promoting come 1st?

DJ-ing for sure, in my opinion you shouldn’t start promoting your name as a DJ/Brand until you’re confident with your skills/ability.

• Which countries have you played/?

I’ve been fortunate enough to play all over the world, but my journey as an international DJ is only just starting to take off, literally lol. Up to now I’ve done New York City, Greek holiday islands such as Zante/Kavos aswel as plush holiday resorts such as Puerto Banus in Marbella. At present, Dubai, Japan & Italy are all in the pipeline which is very exciting.

• What was the first event you ever played at/?

A small VIP club in my hometown of Cardiff which was at the time one of the most talked about events in the city called Sugar & Spice which is still going strong to this day. It was from there I started to build up my presence in my hometown.

That’s pretty cool, heard Cardiff has great spots to hang out, What’s the best event you’ve played at?

That’s a tough one to answer as I have so many incredible memories of events I’ve done throughout my career. My most memorable show to date would be a very close call between opening for J. Cole in Cardiff or playing to a sold out Proud at the O2 in London to over 3,000 people, the atmosphere was insane.

What was the first record you bought?

• Luniz – I Got 5 On It which is still one of my favourite Hip Hop tracks of all time.

Out of all the tunes you have, which one ‘never fails?’

With the digital age of DJ-ing, I have around 20,000+ tracks with me when I play out. It depends on what sort of party I’m playing but I have a crate with at least 30/40 guaranteed to get out of jail cards.

What’s your favourite tune of all time?

• I would be here all day writing down names of songs & wouldn’t be able to pick one, there’s just too many.

True considering the amount of songs you have, When all the partying is over how do you like to chill out?

• I recently became a father for the first time so any chill time has now become a thing of the past haha. I wouldn’t change it for the world though.

Awww congratulations and she’s very adorable. Funniest thing that ever happened at an event?

• A young student posing to be a superstar dance DJ tricked me as I didn’t know what they looked like, that always stands out in my mind. Felt a bit stupid when the actual DJ turned up haha.

lool. Bless you, Other DJs you rate?

• Jazzy Jeff is the greatest of all time, in my opinion, I’ve had the honour of working with him a few times. Jaguar Skills who I work with regularly & is super talented. Tim Westwood is a legend who has always inspired me. Scottie B.

You have been a Dj for over 10 years, how do you keep yourself humble?

• To be honest I don’t know. But it’s something I’ve always done & will continue to do no matter how far my career takes me. I’ve seen ego ruin people & it’s ugly.

Where do you see your career if you were not a writer and DJ

• I would have loved to have been an architect as I love being creative but the maths was waaaay over my head.

Past Events

Who is a person that you considered as a role model early in your life? How and why does this person impact your life?

My grandmother who was always the person who pushed me to work hard & chase my dreams. She taught me all the important morals & principles which I live by today & was the most positive person I’ve ever known.

How did you decide to pursue the career that you are working in today? What was a pivotal moment?

It’s been a dream since a very young age, that passion is still there & stronger than ever. I’ll keep chasing my goals until the fire goes’s out which I doubt after this long it ever will.

What’s the best piece of advice you have received

To never care what people think of you or what you do. There’s a lot of bitterness & negativity in the DJ world which I personally ignore.

What would you say to yourself when you were 18?

Work harder, sleepless

Do you ever sleep?

Not very much now I have my daughter, I used to manage a few hours a night though haha

What’s the last movie that made you laugh

Daddy’s Home 2

That is so cute would never have imagined Daddy’s home 2 would make you cry. Bless

When do you feel most creative?

I get random bursts of inspiration from various factors when I do it’s straight to the studio.

How do you see the scene 5 years from now?

• I really don’t know, it’s changed a lot in the past 5 years so time will tell

Is your family musical?

• Yes, I grew up around music. My mum was a singer & my dad was a DJ so it definitely runs in the family.

That’s pretty cool, have to research who your parents are now 😊

How do you handle mistakes during a performance?

• I try to avoid them by staying calm & moving on is key. Like any professional performer, ignore it & carry on.

Finally, Any Advice for those who think Djing is easy cause I tried it out it isn’t. What would you say?

• It’s not as easy as it looks, however it’s easier to learn now than it was when I did. I actually do tutorials on my YouTube channel: DJ Blighty TV. Plug Plug 🙂

Great Plug, Well was great sitting down with you and was a pleasure knowing you and I can say you are very humble compared to the dj’s out here, congratulations on your bundle of joy.

You can follow DJ Blighty on Twitter, Instagram, Mixcloud, Soundcloud and Facebook



Management/Bookings: talent@fridayflava.com


Women in Fashion: CAROLINE PERINO (Brazillian Fashion Designer)

Caroline Perino is a Brazilian fashion designer based in London, having previously graduated in BA Fashion in Brazil, and studied in Central Saint Martin in London.

When she graduated from the MA Fashion Course from Kingston University in London, Perino was amongst the selected few to represent Kingston at the annual London MA Fashion Show. In addition, she was granted with two sponsorships, one from Swarovski, and the other from Bottonificio Padano.

Caroline is passionate about developing textiles, may it be with embellishments, technologies, embroilments, patterns or fabrics. For this graduate collection she has with Fashion Crossover London, Caroline has made a good use of Swarovski crystal, together with hand embroidery of beads.

She was invited to showcase her A/W 2018 collection in London Fashion Week. Her ultimate goal is to create her own luxury label and have her name recognised across the world.




Women in Fashion: Bethan, NUKE KID ON THE BLOCK

Colour and labour intensive textile techniques are the key aspects of Bethan’s creations, as well as personal and meaningful narratives. She designs for a woman who is feminine, fearless and with a sense of humour.

Drawing on her interests in retro aesthetics and interiors, Bethan’s final collection, “NUKE KID ON THE BLOCK”, began with a hunt to find 1970s bathrooms full of vibrant colour and intricate textures. As her design philosophy often incorporates narrative, Bethan was drawn to stories of Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp.

This was an anti-nuclear community formed by women from all walks of life in the 1980s. To combine this fascinating subject with bathrooms, Bethan created her own narrative that she aimed to convey through her work. Her collection tells the story of a young woman who goes to stay with her mysterious Great Aunt, whose house has not changed since the late 1970s; this is due to her Great Aunt’s involvement in the protests at Greenham Common in the early 1980s.

Due to Bethan’s creatively skilful style, her pieces have been featured on well established publications such as Draper’s Magazine, The Fashion Conversation and Cent Magazine.



Women in Fashion: Fashion Designer. Alice Callum |

Alice Callum draws from the elements of performance art, theatrical presences and art within everyday life to form a collection, which promotes the individual, the unique and the weird.

The essence of performance is seen in our daily lives, whether we perform through our clothes and appearance or hobbies and interests, each person stands within a performance of their own. The collection focuses on developing individuality and performance through textile embellishment and detail.

Focus on appliqué and beading combined with contrasting fabrics and bold colours addresses the outlandish themes and core of performance with the body as the medium.

Alice’s collection embraces the rejection of fast fashion by returning fashion to a hand created state and making pieces that centre around quality and uniqueness rather than trends and current updates.




Domestic Violence Nearly took my life-Abigail Okeyre Story


Domestic violence is on the rise, on average, two women in England and Wales are killed by their current or former partner every week, an estimated 1.9 million adults aged 16 to 59 years experienced domestic abuse in the last year, Abigail Okeyre was part of that statistics, but luckily for her, she managed to escape such a volatile relationship  Honestly, I had to accept that he didn’t love or want me and that I had been abused all along. That was so hard to do but once I started, I began to recover.”

Abigail’s relationship with her ex, started off as been very close friends for nearly seven years, before they started dating, and in those years there were no signs that he was or even had any traits of a violent man. Their relationship was always blissful like any relationship would be sharing secrets and laughter with one another until one day when Abigail found out about another relationship he was having and she confronted him about it ‘ He swore that she was a crazy ex who didn’t want to leave him alone. Initially, I believed him but the day I challenged his lies was, the day the beatings started. Prior to that, he had never even raised his voice at me before. In fact, he was the calm to my storms.’ statistics show that victims of domestic violence never see the signs, as the predator has the following traits: charming, jealous, manipulative, controlling, a victim. unfortunately, Abigail was drawn to the charming side of her ex-partner. “There were no signs at all. He was such a charming sweetheart.

The first time he beat her she tried to hide it but her mum saw the injuries when she got home and involved the police. He usually would hit me with his fist. I guess wherever he could lay his hands on me, he would usually hit but my face always seemed to bear the brunt of the beating and he would injure me mainly on my face He once threatened to hit me with an iron but to his credit he really controlled himself. I thought I was going to die that day .He threatened to never talk to her again if she allowed the police to arrest him and claimed that the charge would ruin his future. She got scared so she lied and fought the police to drop the case against all sound advice. That case was never dropped although she almost succeeded.

The last time he beat her up, they had argued about the same girl she has accused him of having an affair with. He punched her in the face and blood kept oozing uncontrollably. He kept beating her, that she passed out multiple times. She remembers hearing him threatening to kill her for real next time; each time she gained consciousness. That was when she began to reason the situation whilst lying there. she kept saying to herself, “if I die here, no one will fight for me”. As a Ghanaian and him being from an affluent family, her case will be swept under the carpet and he will continue living. As soon as the beating stopped she called her parents and his parents and told them everything. her mum came to get her and that was it.

Abigail was able to escape from her violence partner, however not many men and women are able to do so on average, two women in England and Wales are killed by their current or former partner every week. The number of prosecutions relating to violence against women and girls in England and Wales reached a record level in 2015-16, rising by almost 10% to 117,568. New measures on violence against women to be put in domestic abuse bill, Abigail, had to accept that he did not love or want her and that she had been abused all along. “That was so hard to do but once I started, I began to recover. The funny thing about my situation was that I WAS educated. It didn’t change anything. I was living in denial and I made so many excuses for him”.

Abigail is now able to share her story to other women and men who are going through or know anyone in such situations and her advice to you is “Honestly, if you are going through it, walking away does not make you weak. He/she does not love you, they’ll never change and your life is more important. It will hurt as though you are about to die but it will get better and please get counseling. I did not and it’s messing me up today, years later. If you know someone going through it, be patient. More necessary than anything, they need a non-judgemental ear to listen and shoulder to cry on. If they can trust you with that, they are more likely to listen to your advice on walking away. Also, get counseling for yourself too. It can be traumatic watching your loved one go through this.

Domestic Violence is a continuous problem as victims are not able to identify themselves as one, according to the year ending March 2017 Crime Survey for England and Wales (1.2 million women, 713,000 men). were accounted for domestic violence. Are you part of that statistic if so get help and talk to someone like Abigail did, it is never too late.

If you know anyone or you have been affected by this story and would like more help and information, please do not hesitate to contact National Domestic Helpline

Remeber Domestic Violence can happen to anyone, including men not just women, if you see any form of abuse do not wait, speak out and report it, you can be saving a life

0808 2000 247



Men in Photography: Maxwell Bonsu

This week on Men in Photography we have none other than Canadian Photographer Maximilian, who has been in the industry for many years, he specializes in: wedding, portrait,  and lifestyle.
 He draw’s his inspiration from all the small and extraordinary things that surround him. He strives to capture dynamic, timeless images with enthusiasm and honesty. Known for his impeccable editing style, Ghana-born and Toronto-raised photographer Maxwell Bonsu loves to deliver beyond expectations. Cultivating his passion for photography at the George Brown School of Design, Maxwell’s eye for images was evident long before.
@modelxdoll Makeup artist @dessyxj
Maxwell prides himself on efficient turnaround time and final edits that sport a realistic finish. Since his start, Maxwell has had the pleasure of working in several aspects of photography covering Toronto Fashion Week for a Vancouver-based magazine and Melissa Grelo, host of The Social and CP24 Breakfast. Maxwell continues to advance his versatility as an artist, gladly taking on projects that force him to think with new eyes and a focus on photography, and was a pleasure interviewing you.
What made me become a photographer basically I was very interested in creating perfect images and also I was a graphic designer in the past and I knew I needed good quality images so I decided to take up photography in order to I guess feed my graphic designer needs I’ve been in the industry pretty long about 10 years now
I knew Immediately that this career choice was for me during college so I think I was about 19 to 20 years old at that time
Like I said before I was a graphic designer and I did a lot of animation in terms of turning images into cartoon characters so I need very high-quality images I spent all the money I had to buy an entry-level camera and start taking pictures of people and Animating them
I decided to go with Maximilian because I looked up the meaning of the name Maxwell and realize that it’s actually an abbreviation which the meaning of the name is “the great” not to be narcissistic or anything but I really like the meaning of the name it just didn’t have anything else after that it just said “the great.”
Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 17.33.11
I was highly inspired by many things fashion photography urban photography street photography very few photographers that I can name from that timeframe that inspired me but I guess you can say one of my most favourite ones was definitely Matt Barnes
I decided to shoot mainly African American or black woman. Because I noticed that there wasn’t a lot of representation for that group of people in terms of photographers who are professionals were able to create art a lot of people seem to go towards the more easy side of things in terms of photography I decide to take a different route
Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 17.34.51
What I really want to convey in my photography is acceptance integration and diversity
Are use an array of different types of technology from computers to programs but you definitely find me editing everything on Adobe programs
Honestly, what keeps me going I would say the supporters my family and the thought of the future I would love to teach others photography whatever path they decide to go towards that being fashion urban street photography I would love to teach them the basics the fundamentals
I would say what is unique about my business is my ethics and editing, My advice for Inspiring photographers is purely just starting, go don’t hold back
I definitely wouldn’t consider my photographs “raunchy” I would say that they allow the woman to be who they wanna be Whether that being sexy or in clothes whatever they decide to do and I think that’s why the also feel comfortable enough to be around me because I don’t judge them
I never really have time to really relax if I do I spend it mostly watching movies are spending time with my girlfriend or family
Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 17.37.56
At the moment I would say Drake probably be somebody I’m interested in photographing
My top three priorities as a business owner are to make sure you have your ground rules set make sure everything is clearly conveyed to the clients and make sure that you are prepared for anything and also keep your emotions in check
Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 17.35.49
It’s a bit of misogyny and also lack of enthusiasm and drive so it’s a bit of both from both genders that really keep a lot of female photographers down
My Instagram is Milan Photos and you can find me on pretty much anywhere in social media with that same name
Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 17.38.26

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 17.42.46Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 17.43.04Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 17.43.10


Women in Music: KLAUDIA KEZIAH

Hey love I know it’s been a while since our last Men and Women in Music Interview and I am proud to say, this week we have KLAUDIA KEZIAH, vocalist, song-writer and cellist (a talent I wish I had). I hope you all enjoy this interview as much as I did

How are you today?

Happy weekend

Hello! I’m very well thanks, thank you for having me!

Last year was successful year for you , What would you say was the highlight of 2017?

And what are you looking forward to for 2018?

I’m so excited for this year. My EP ‘Gold Light’ opened up the year for me with my new sound. I’ve met loads of amazing people during the promo period, who are genuinely interested in the project.

I’m  supporting Mauvey on his Love therapy UK tour on starting on the 31st of May.

I’ve got some exciting new music on the way with some special dance collaborations too just in time for the party season.

How did you know this is the career for you? And what made you to go forth and chase it ?

I knew I wanted to be a musician since I was 8 years old. I began my musical journey attending a classical music school where I played Cello and piano. I only realised I can and wanted to sing during my college years! But Music was the plan since a very young age.

What is unique about your music compared to other artists?

A lot of people say it’s my songwriting and vocal tone that is unique. Most of my writing is very visual and metaphoric which can get lost in a lot of current music.

Have you ever turned down an artist ?

You always need to make sure the collaboration suits your path and the Message / image you’re trying to put across. I’ve been lucky enough to connect with very like-minded songwriters and musicians. I have however, turned down a few dance producers as I simply can’t say yes to every collaboration.

And if so how did you know it was the right thing to do?

Like mentioned, if there’s not a vibe musically or our brands are miles apart then it can be hard to connect and make great music!

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Music is one of the most difficult industries to be successful in or to make a full time living out of. But if you love it enough then to need to keep pushing until you reach your targets. If everyone quit when it got hard then there wouldn’t be any musicians left!

Just believe in your talent, grow your skill and knowledge of the industry and a sick team around you

What advice would you have for young men who are trying to get involved in the fashion and business industry?

I know fashion can be just as hard to succeed in, but if you’re a creative you need to create and share your talents with the world, so  absolutely do it! That said.. I think especially in fashion you have to be ruthless.

Do you ever take time out to relax and rest and if so what are the things you like to do in your free time?

I love fitness and you can find me in the gym any time I have a spare minute. Also, if there’s more free time, I love exploring the world and especially the US.

Who would you like to work with in the music industry if you had a chance to?

I’m a huge fan of Nao, Frank Ocean. I would love to work with people like Daniel Ceasor, MNEK and disclosure!

And what are your predictions for 2018 Music trends?  Who would you like to see come out that is underground at the moment

The scene is in a great place for independent artists right now, which has made space for some amazing new sounds, right now the Afroswing/afrobeat sound is really making waves commercially. And behind that there’s some great r&b/indie artists like Daniel Ceasor creating some great music. So I think 2018 is going to be a great progression of urban music and it’s influence in general

As a entertainer, what are your top three priorities? And Do you set high expectations or tolerate mediocrity?

1 Create music that reflects me as an artist and a person

2 Surround myself with a humble and inspiring team

3 Take no notice of haters because they’re still taking time out of their day to interact with you. Just surround yourself with positive energy

I am a perfectionist but setting the bar high makes you work harder and get the best out of your ability. And that’s in any career path!

music artist questions

how did it feel when you decided to step out and pursue your career?

You basically can’t plan out a music career and stick to the plan, which scared me at first because I’m super organised. Things change daily and you don’t know what’s around the corner. So I’d say it’s nerve racking but worth it.

Did you ever face a backlash from your family when you told them you wanted to step out and work on your music?

My family have been my number one fans since a young age. My mum is my biggest supporter haha!

You have been singing for many years now, who did you grow  up listening to?

A lot of Michael Jackson, Anastasia and loads of r&b was played in my household. I’m defiantly influence by MJs story telling type of writing and soulful vocals from Anastasia

Tell me a bit about your latest single?

Me EP ‘Gold Light’ dropped last month alongside the music video for the lead single ‘Gold Light’

The message behind the track in a nutshell is that materialistic things don’t matter – what matters is having a golden heart/being kind. I feel in our society now, absolutely everything is judged on image, status and money (‘gold’). Especially in the social media world. I find a lot of people are losing personalities, raw emotions and true feelings through all that materialism. ‘Gold Light’ is essentially a love song and about meeting your soul mate. But the underlining story is that you can give all the “gold and diamonds , rhinestone showers” ( lyrics) to the other person, but all that really matters is whats inside.

how did the name come to be chosen?

‘Gold Light’ is a metaphor for a positive energy/ feeling. Like a light at the end of a tunnel

Who is a person that you considered as a role model early in your life? How and why does this person impact your life?

I’ve always had strong female role models in my family. My mum has always been my role model. She’s one of the strongest females I know.

If we’re sitting here a year from now celebrating what a great year it’s been for you, as an artist  what would  you like to have achieved?

I want my music to reach so many more people this year. I want to look back and be proud of all the new music I made and people I’ve met.

When have you been most satisfied in your life?

I will let you know when! Haha

I think you’re never fully satisfied, and that in itself drives you to do better. I’m always super appreciative, but it’s not the same as satisfaction or a feeling of completeness

Tell me about a project or accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant in your career.

Collaborating with ironik was great. Me and my friends used to listen to his music at school 15 and share the songs via Bluetooth, who would of thought I’d be on a track with him  years later!

Tell us about a time when things didn’t go the way you wanted

As a musician you always have a good and bad gig story. I remember one time performing at a venue which had an automatic sound cut off of you played louder than the threshold (as it was in a area with lots of houses) and let’s just say having a full band wasn’t the best idea haha!!!

What projects do you have coming up for 2018, album, tour?

I’m shooting the new music video for “My Muse” off the EP next week in Miami.

I’m touring the UK with Mauvey next month and Getting the new material ready for summer!

Name your top 3 artists from nigeria?

I’d say Malerk Berry and Wizkid

Top 3 international artists on your playlists?


Daniel Ceaser

Frank ocean

Where can everyone follow you on the socials?

Facebook.com/ KlaudiaKeziah






Women in Power: Nayoka Oware (Radio Presenter, Content Creator

This week’s Women in Power is the beautiful Nayoke from “The Journey Online” she wears multiple hats from being a mum to interviewing celebrities on her show online

What made you to start Presenting? And are you glad you started it

My sister Amma. She made the suggestion after thinking about Jamal Edwards, MBE, founder of SB.TV. She told me his story and encouraged me to invest in a DSLR, go into the world and create opportunities for myself. She even came up with a show I could host. In addition, when I was in my early teens, I would watch June Sarpong and Richard Blackwood present the show MTV Select, and in my head I wanted to be them, be in the limelight, be recognised, be popular. As I grew older, my reasons for wanting to be a Presenter changed. I realised that it was a gift and not just a money making skill. I realised that it was important to see people on the TV and listen to people on the radio that you can identify with, that look like you, that understand diversity and that we are all unique. I wanted to show others that it is possible to achieve your dreams so far as you never stop working. Even on the days when you just don’t feel like it, find the strength to work.

Sarkodie & The Journey Online

Your a radio presenter at ABN TV Radio every week, how did that come about?

At present, I no longer work at ABN Radio but, I worked as an Intern at VOA Radio…

You have been presenting for many years now do you consider yourself branching out? For example movies or directing?

I believe in being open to all opportunities, so far as they tie in with my gift/calling. If another profession will assist me to develop myself further, professionally and personally, I am willing to learn, grow and embrace that opportunity.

Where do you see yourself in the next 2-5 years?

I’ll still be learning, growing, applying what I’ve learned, thriving and excelling in all areas of my life.

How did you decide to pursue the career that you are working in today? What was a pivotal moment?

Talking to people and having a genuine interest in their response comes naturally to me. In my opinion, asking relevant questions and being an intent listener are two important skills to have as a Presenter. I am the co-founder of The Journey Management LTD, an entertainment company and the founder, CEO, co-editor and host of The Journey Online. I coupled my love for music with the passion I had, and still have, for Presenting, and started my online channel in 2012. Additionally, I believed in myself, even on days where I just wanted to give up because I didn’t trust the process, I wasn’t enjoying my own journey and failed to recognise my small victories.

A pivotal moment for me was interviewing Sarkodie. I had wanted to meet him for over a decade, had reached out to his team a couple of times, but it was proving difficult to pin him down. After years of trying, I hosted him on my online channel. Having an artiste of his calibre praising the show confirmed that we were doing something right.

What are the most important decisions that you face daily as a leader?

Deciding if an idea myself or the team suggests, will have a positive long-term impact the company and ensuring that it is a true reflection of my brand.

How do you maintain your and your team’s daily motivation and inspiration despite obstacles, pushback or setbacks?

Keeping in constant contact, updating the team on the progress we are making, having a genuine interest in their wellbeing and talking through any challenges or triumphs we have.

How do you foster creative and innovative thinking within your business? And How are ideas shared and implemented within your team?

The old fashioned way. Putting pen to paper individually and then coming together as a group to share best practice and bounce ideas off each other. We often watch interviews and/or documentaries and learn from others in the industry and in other fields, that came before us. We network, seek advice from those who are willing to impart knowledge on how to start and maintain a successful business and ways to succeed in ours. There is much to learn from a veteran.

Once we have shared our ideas, we weigh out the pros and cons of pursuing each idea and then make a final decision based on what will benefit the company and all who may be involved at that time.

What’s the best piece of advice you have received?

Do what you know. There is no point of trying to learn about a profession that you have no interest in and know nothing about. Build on the knowledge you have first, then, broaden your horizons.

20 years in the future what advice would you have for yourself

You’re still alive. Keep going. God obviously isn’t done with you yet. Also, enjoy and share the fruit of your labour.

🚨 FULL INTERVIEW in our bio 🚨 – @stonebwoyb ‘s interview with @nayoka.oware. They talk life changing surgery, #ShattaWale & more… 📹: @oware10 | @jenniferoteng


📸: @michaeltubescreations


What would you say to yourself when you were 16?

You have already identified what your gift is, start working on building your empire. Do not procrastinate. Work toward your dream every single day from writing ideas to networking, don’t waste a single day.

If you were a Juice what would you be?

Lychee Juice. Not every one knows what it is, likes the sound of the name or the look of it, but they’d be willing to give it a try… and then they’re hooked!

Who do you look up to the most?

Myself. I work towards bettering myself everyday.

Love that response What’s the last movie that made you cry?

The Notebook. If you haven’t watched it, please do. You’ll understand why it is a tear jerker.

What’s the last movie that made you laugh

Parts of Black Panther.

What are the most important traits of successful leaders today?

Transparency, to a certain degree, being loyal to your cause, calling and vision, being unshakable but willing to accept constructive critique, honesty and selflessness.

What is the most important characteristic that every leader should possess?

Transparency, loyalty, having entrepreneurial skills, honesty, compassion, resilience and selflessness.

What are the most pressing challenge that leaders are facing today? And why?

Not listening to the cries of the people that they are meant to be serving and fulfilling their promises. Depending on the type of leader you are, you will have a board of governors, a team, an audience or there will always be a group of people who will guide you, you will have to serve or provide a service for. If you are incapable of listening to what they want or making an effort to change whatever may be affecting them, and if you cannot cater to them in some way, if that is the role you are called to fulfil, then you have no right being a leader. If you don’t serve the people, they will become disgruntled and turn against you. Selfishness, greed, power and authority can consume you as a leader if to begin with, your focus was on the wrong thing e.g. money instead of your love for people.

Do you have a mentor? If so, what traits are you seeking in a mentor and why?

I do. I think that it’s imperative to have a mentor irrespective of the industry you are in. My mentor is transparent, gives constructive criticism, motivates and encourages me and is forthright. He tells me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear.

What are you doing daily to ensure your growth and development continues as a successful business owner ? If so, how?

Challenging myself, taking the time out to write down my thoughts, looking at multiple streams of income, being open minded and unlearning things I was taught that restricts the flow of creativity and conflicts with being an entrepreneur. I also write a list of tasks that I need to complete everyday. There is never less that 8 things on that list.

What is the best and worst decision you’ve ever made?

Best: wanting to be more than most African women are lead to believe they can be and taking action to ensure that I pursued my dreams.

Worst: Not starting earlier, since I had already realised what my gift was.

What was your dream job as a kid and why?

To be an actress, because I enjoyed Drama and Theatre studies and loved acting school. Not forgetting that my mum encouraged me to. She wanted me to be on TV and stay away from boys…

What do you think is the most significant barrier to female leadership?

Staying down for too long when we get knocked down or discouraged. Yes, we have to work three times as hard as men do, but if we stick at it, history has taught us that we can achieve great things… Oprah Winfrey, Margaret Thatcher, Shirley Frimpong Manso, Ellen, Wendy Williams, Folorunso Alakija… the list goes on.

What woman inspires you and why?

There are too many to list, as each of them exhibit different qualities that are needed to be great. A woman that does not conform, is confident in herself but remains humble, is ambitious and unapologetically herself. A woman of faith who has a vision and is willing to help others whether she is called upon to help, or not, that is the type of woman that inspires me.

What will be the biggest challenge for the generation of women behind you?

In my opinion, there are no new challenges for women, the intensity and support may be the only difference. For example, the women that accused Harvey Weinstein and Billy Cosby of sexual assault and/or gross misconduct, if this were to be a decade or two ago, only a few of women would have been bold enough to speak up, so the movement would not have been as intense as it is currently; there would not have been as much support due to fear. Although women seem to be more outspoken that ever, WOC will still have to fight for equal rights and equal pay. Women will still have to prove that they are just as able, intelligent, capable, diligent, forthright and efficient as their male counterparts.

When do you feel most creative ?

At night. I’m nocturnal.

If your life was a song what would it be?

Miss Independent – Ne-Yo

And what words of wisdom would you like to share to young and older women in the beauty, YouTube and Instagram industry ?

Never think twice about being yourself. Your true self. The self that you may be afraid no one will except, because you and only you will have to live with decisions you make, the rewards you get and the consequences you face. I’ll leave you with one of my favourite quotes: ‘Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. ‘ – Oscar Wilde

Thank you, so much for sitting down with me

You can follow her on Twitter & Instagram




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enamel pin competition


Old English Company: ENAMEL PINS

Hey guys, so this post is sponsored by Old English Company. They are a stationery, homeware and giftware brand which create beautifully hand-lettered products.

Their products range from planners, greeting cards, enamel pins, coasters, art prints and more and they are running a competition, which you do not want to miss as they have lovely items and planners are great to use, especially if you are an organised person like me

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Old English Company As Seen In



UFUMA WEARS Clothing Brand: #Paid Collaboration

Ufumawears, are an African Prints (Wax/Ankara) contemporary designs company based in London

Everything they offer at Ufumawears is designed and made by them, they intend to change the way African Prints are viewed worldly.


The name Ufumawears has its origin in Ufuma, Anambra state of Nigeria where the idea was nurtured and also where the founder originates.


Their strategy is simple, using African Prints and various other materials to design 21st century wears that will meet the needs of today’s Africans in the diaspora and the motherland.

Thier materials are sourced, designed and made in Nigeria and the UK, their staff are very experienced and they put in their very best on every piece.

Thier goal is to provide you with African Prints fashion that will awaken that dormant pride to be African and black once again.


For more prints for men and women click the link below

Website: www.ufumawears.com 

Instagram: @ufumawears

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ufumawears


Coachella Looks to try out

Summer is finally here, as we can see from the drastic change in temperature to Coachella festival vibes

From rainbow-hued hair to super glowy makeup the beauty looks were double-tap worthy. Keep scrolling to see the beauty looks we loved, and the ones we can’t wait to rock this summer!


Why are women & young girls refusing to get Tested for STD’s

Hey C-U readers, I hope you are enjoying your day so far and this week is bringing you joy and happiness, I thought I would share some knowledge today,  as you can guess from the title “Why women & young ladies refusing to get tested for Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD’s)”.

So I was reading a few articles this week, as I always do but this time around it was young women and girls on issues about not getting tested for STD’s, which I would say hit home for me and maybe a few of you also, who are sexually active with their partner

STD is a scary thing to talk about especially at a young age, you never think about it, let alone ask yourself Why should I even bother getting tested right? well wrong,  Speaking to a friend or your General Practitioner is a great place to start to gain insights to what Sexually transmitted diseases are and to get tested frequently for them, ( sexually active or not) especially in this day and age where the rate of young people having sex has tripled over the years and STD’s also.

survey examined perceptions surrounding sexual health and STDs in groups of young women between the ages of 15 and 24, mothers of young women that age, and primary care doctors, OB/GYN specialists, and other speciality physicians in the sexual health sphere. Questions were based on the topics of sexual activity, sexual health, and knowledge of and screening for STDs.

Medical guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that all sexually active young people under the age of 25 get tested for chlamydia and gonorrhea, among other STDs, at least once a year. According to the CDC, young adults make up about half of STD cases, and cases are at an all-time high, with reports from 2016 showing more than two million cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis.

Among many key findings from the survey, it was found that only a little more than half of young women (56%) say they are currently sexually active, and of those, only 56% have been tested for an STD. Sixty-two percent of young women who responded that they are sexually active but have not been tested cited “not feeling at risk” while 55% cited not having any symptoms as reasons for not getting tested. Of the young women who answered as being sexually active, 86% and 88% said they aren’t at risk for chlamydia or gonorrhea, respectively. However, it’s important to remember that many people might not show symptoms of STDs — but that doesn’t make getting tested any less important. In fact, if you’re sexually active, it’s still just as important to get tested annually even if you appear to be asymptomatic. Anyone can get an STD, no matter who they are.

Results from the study also showed that one in four (24%) primary care doctors say they feel uncomfortable discussing STD and STI risk with female patients. In addition, one in three doctors solely relies on symptoms to diagnose an STD. However, the CDC guidelines note that “STDs do not always cause symptoms, so it is possible to have an infection and not know it.” However, the study found that one in four physicians will still disregard the screening guidelines if a patient appears to be asymptomatic.

The study highlights how stigma and a lack of open, healthy communication between young women and their parents and doctors have potentially allowed STD rates to skyrocket. It’s clear that many young women and young people may not know how to discuss a topic that’s so sensitive, which makes it all the more important for doctors to be initiating discussions about sexual health and STDs. It’s also extremely important to know where to find sexual health resources, and where to go get tested if you’re looking for a non-judgmental and stigma-free environment.

The most important thing to remember is that it’s not shameful to have questions or concerns about your sexual health, and it’s not shameful if you do get an STD. Talking with health care professionals and getting tested can help you understand your body and know how to have the most healthy and safe sex possible when you’re sexually active.

Here are some organisations you can contact about sexually transmitted diseases STD’s




Men In Photography:

Men in photography interview

What made you go into photography?

Well in the realm of the world where politics, freedom of speech and religion is the cultural anomaly, photography allows me to escape the noise of quarrelling politicians and world atrocities. Photography allows me to express myself. I can depict many things through photography and it sort of brings a calm inside me which is what initially made me go into it. In addition, the aid of my good friends Ben Irwin and Ivor Moyo prompted me into photography as well. Ben taught me a few basic skills such as editing Pictures to a professional level through Adobe lightroom. I’d started shooting landscapes and architecture then progressed onto portraits as I felt that these told more of a story.

Ivor on the other hand pushed me to think outside the box, which prompted the start of my business “KunguShots”

What age did you know this career was for you?

I knew at the age of 24. Growing up I’d always been creative. For example I’d started producing samples of music and taught myself how to play the guitar, drums and bass in my spare time. I was also part of a band in high school as a drummer so I have always been creative. Photography allows me to express myself in ways that words can’t describe. As a form of artistic expression, photography for me tells a story. The implications of producing provocative, exciting, crude or even bad photography (bad in the wider sense) in the eyes of some may either tell a happy, strange or sad story that’s the power of photography hence why it is my career.

What inspired you to name your brand Kungushots?

The inspiration behind my brand name stems from my nickname in high school “Kungu” extracted from my last name “Makungu.” Ben Irwin (my good friend) added the element of “Shots” creating “kungushots” and it was almost like an epiphany and we came to the realisation that this worked perfectly.

Did any photographers inspire you and if so which photographer influenced you and how did they influence your career path?

One of my biggest inspirations in photography is Kat Irlin (@Kat_in_nyc) her work is truly powerful and what I love the most about her work is the dark cinematic feel. I came across her work in early 2017 and from that moment I knew how this was my career path.

Exactly what it is you want to say with your photographs and how do you actually get your photographs to do that?

I tell stories through my photographs. The first thing I normally do before a photoshoot is getting to know the model. Once a model has shared stories about their lives, I apply that to my work. This is a skill I picked up in June 2017. This is another reason I wanted to focus all my energy into portraiture, people are very interesting.

What was your career path? How did you get from being an aspiring photographer to actually doing it full time, for a living?

Before photography, my main career path was to work in advertising. I studied marketing at university, so back then this was my main goal. I mean, it has taken me almost two years to get to the stage I am now and it came with a lot of challenges which I was able to overcome and get to the point which I am at now.

What technology/software/camera gear do you use to keep focused on what you do best, as you photograph?

I shoot with the Canon 5d Mark II with the 50mm 1.4 sigma lens. I love to challenge myself, instead of owning 5-10 other lenses, I’ve decided to stick with the 50mm. By using just one lens, this helps push my creative limits. Once I have mastered the 50mm lens, I will move onto the next lens. I edit all my photographs on Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Most of my work are captured with just natural lights, I don’t use any other camera gears.

What motivates you to continue taking pictures economically, politically, intellectually or emotionally?

I would say that the emotional side of photography is what I show the most in my works. I love to create whether it be a collaboration with a brand or model, I am able to bring out the mood/emotion in that specific picture even if it’s a portrait or simply a picture of an object. Being able to see my vision come alive motivates me to continue taking pictures. I could be having a bad day but as soon as I pick up my camera and start shooting, it’s almost as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I am in my own little world where I can express myself through photography.

What advice would you have for young men who are trying to get involved in the photography industry?

The best advice I have for those starting out photography is to start off with a decent cheap camera, learn how that camera works. Once your skills have improved, move onto the next camera. Do not waste money on photography courses, no one can teach you how to become a great photographer in a short period of time, you must put in the work.

As bob Marley said “the greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.” If you literally live by this quote, your greatness will shine through your art, that being photography.

Do you ever take time out to relax and rest and if so what are the things you like to do in your free time?

I do take time off to relax, don’t we all?  Sometimes it’s important to take a breather and just look back on how far you’ve come and enjoy life. In my spare time I go to the gym, meet friends, go for food. You know, your average normal everyday things.  However, it’s also important to carry on seeing the vision that you want to create with your work even on your off days. I do have off days but I will refer to them as “creative days” too because creativity is something that I just do subconsciously sometimes. I could look at an object and think ” I could do something with that” it just comes naturally you know? Like breathing, it’s almost engraved into my everyday life.

Who would you like to work with in the fashion and entertainment industry if you had a chance to?

I’d love to work with an array of stars such the Weeknd, Chadwick Boseman, Mette Towley, Lupita Nyong’o, Jeana Turner, Vendela Lindblom  and many more. I’m always looking for ways to develop my work and work with stars in the entertainment and fashion industry and I believe that getting my work out there and continuing to create will be pivotal to my development as a photographer thus allowing me the opportunity to work with people in those industries.

As a business owner, what are your top three priorities? And Do you set high expectations or tolerate mediocrity?

My top 3 priorities are firstly always remaining professional and making sure that clients are comfortable. Secondly, always setting goals and looking for new ways to evolve, I’m a perfectionist and my work must reflect that, but if there are ways I can improve I’m open to doing so. Thirdly and finally, I think that being consistent is a priority as well, keeping a consistent work flow allows for a better service.

In relation to mediocracy, my answer is simple, mediocracy has no space in photography for me personally.


ARISE FASHION WEEK 30th March- 2nd April 2018

Africa’s premier fashion show, ARISE Fashion Week (AFW), is back in Lagos on March 30th to April 2nd at the Lagos Continental Hotel (formerly Intercontinental Hotel).

As announced, to kick off the three-day event on the morning of Saturday, March 31, the fashion extravaganza will have the distinction of showcasing the first Supermodel Masterclass ever to be held in the country, an ARISE Fashion Mentoring and Bootcamp, United Nations Special event, representatives of the federal government meeting with key designers, and The Showcase that will be anchored by Banke Kuku.


Later in the day featured some of the best internationally acclaimed designers: LaurenceAirlines from Cote d’Ivoire and Paris, known for establishing a new space for contemporary African fashion across the globe as well as young South African designer,Thebe Magugu, whose craftsmanship and attention to design have garnered worldwide recognition.

Day 1 also featured styles from Canadian designer, Aurora James, the UK’s very own singer and performer, Nigerian-born Tinnie Tempah, celebrated Tanzanian designer, Mustafa Hassanali, Orapeleng Modutle and KLûK CGDT, both from South Africa. KLûK CGDT has participated in every ARISE show.

Lanre Da Silva Ajayi, Azuka Ogujiuba, Vonne

From Nigeria are Funke Adepoju, Clan, Vonne Couture, About That Curvy Life Collective, Andrea Iyamah, Style Temple, Okunoren Twins, Ituen Basi and Lanre Da Silva Ajayi.

Day Two

Day 2 highlighted designers offering luxurious and unique styles. From Germany, Sarah Duah was featured on the catwalk, along with Koki Kamala from Botswana, Amine Bendriouich from Morocco, and South African-born designer and ARISE original, Gavin Rajah who regularly shows at the Paris Fashion Week graced the runway with his glamorous, yet refined designs.

Again from Nigeria will be Grey, Abaya Lagos, Taryor Gabriel, Ilare, House of Divas, Lagos, Ziva, Lagos, Tzar, Kimono Kollection, Mai Atafo, Tsemaye Binitie, Jewel by Lisa and Tiffany Amber.

Mai Atafo

Day Three

Day 3 of AFW 2018 boasted leading designers from both the UK and U.S. Self-taught designer, known for dressing Cardi B, Rihanna and Beyonce, Laquan Smith, made his way back to Lagos from the U.S., to showcase his custom-made, bare-to-there fashion. He was joined by Ghanaian-British fashion designer, Ozwald Boateng, most known for the transformational impact he’s had on menswear fashion for almost three decades.

The day also displayed designs from South African designers Maxhosa by Laduma, Rich Mnisi and Lakhanyo Midingi, while Nigerian icons included Moofa, Dzyn, House of Nwocha, Maxivive, Sunny Rose, Tokyo James, Maki Oh, Gozel Green, Bridget Awosika, Ere Dappa, Odion Mimonet and Deola Sagoe.

As is the custom, the best of these will be selected to showcase their designs during the New York Fashion Week (NYFW) in September this year.

See more photos from the events below

 Day 3- Noami Campbell graced the runway wearing a creation for KLUK CGDT at ARISE fashion week

Naomi Campbell opening the show for Lanre Da Silva Ajayi at ARISE fashion week





Seoul Fashion Week 2018: Designers you need to know

I hope everyone is enjoying Good Friday, either at home or doing something interesting, unlike me I am indoors doing some research and writing as always. The weather here is appalling constant rain and no sunshine but that is not going to stop me from bringing you the best from Seoul Fashion Week

Seoul Fashion Week was very quiet this season as a few brands and designers from London and Paris have left making the fashion industry energy very low even the street style, was not packed as it normally is, in the past few fashion week seasons, however, the snow and rain is not helping either.

The Generation Next had an amazing showcase for its fresh new talent, new names jumped at the opportunity to put on a free show, staged in a glass box beneath a suspended walkway. It is a smart move on Seoul Fashion Week’s part to accommodate them. If the city is to become a true incubator, its Fashion Week must find, cultivate, and support new talent, especially as the first wave of rising Koreans heads overseas.

Here are five labels from Generation Next that could represent the next phase of Seoul fashion.

Bona Kim and Jaehyuk Lim launched BESFXXK last year, after graduating from the London College of Fashion and Royal College of Art, respectively. Their brand name is a play on the words bespoke and fucked up, pronounced bes-fuck, and defines their ethos: to take classic tailored garments and distort them. “We’ve never done particular concepts,” Lim explained. “We always look at the clothes themselves—that’s our priority.” It is also the reason, he says, why the models wore dyed and graphic patterned masks to completely obscure their faces.

This season, they chose to experiment with track suits, trench coats, and starched shirts, splicing them together—a bit of athletic stretch fabric tacked onto the back of a trench, for instance. Striped shirts with multiple neck openings (one gaping at the chest) allowed each to be worn different ways. “Depending on where you put your head, it changes the silhouette and gives you more options to play with,” Lim said. Indeed, the convertible nature of the garments meant plentiful styling possibilities, like a denim jacket with striped panels blooming from the front that could be detached by buttons. “If you think something is too much, you can trim it back and make it more structural,” Lim added, pointing to the detachable sleeves and straps on nearly every piece.

Hyemee Lee’s Eenk (a reference to ink, using the double e’s in her name) is known for its leather handbags and other accessories, beloved by Korean editors. This season, she staged her first runway show to better showcase her overtly feminine, vintage-inspired clothes, of a kind with what you might find at Maryam Nassir Zadeh. Currently, Lee is in the middle of the ambitious Letter Project she began in 2013. Each collection is themed around a letter of the alphabet, beginning with B for Beanie, and will continue until she ends with A for Archive to complete the set. This season was K for Knits, and so Lee began by designing a base collection of plush knits in sugar pink, pale lavender, and other pretty hues. “I was going to wait until A to do a show, but the opportunity came up, so I thought why not give it a try?” she said.

Inspired by the furniture designer Muller Van Severen, Lee kept the palette strong and the shapes more organic. Little collared sweater dresses and oversize cashmere vests conveyed “a European grandma vibe,” as did a soft brown calf-length faux fur coat and periwinkle houndstooth suit. “I like classics from long ago, but with a little on-trend twist,” she said. These did the trick, and it was nice to see more desirable, contemporary clothes for women come to the fore.

Minju Kim
Minju Kim’s three-year-old label made a strong Seoul Fashion Week debut—the designer’s first-ever runway show—with a collection inspired by the Galaxy Express 999 anime. It was whimsical yet bold, rather than delicate; shiny gold and green jacquards and laser-cut PVC ornaments featured heavily throughout the lineup. “I wanted to keep the mood fun and happy,” Kim said backstage.

Her eclectic use of graphic print and colour on traditionally feminine silhouettes is a key part of her work, in a similar vein to a Miu Miu or Simone Rocha. Important, however, she does put her own twist on it—her voice comes through, and it has been a pleasure to watch it develop each season.

Tell the Truth
A lack of designed, feminine clothes on the Seoul mainstage may soon be corrected, not just by Eenk and Minju Kim, but by Sung-eun Kim of Tell the Truth, which held its first show last week after seven seasons. “I started the brand to make pieces one can wear for a long time,” Kim says. “In a sense, the line is devoted to basics.” For Fall 2018, Kim drew from a ’90s video interview of Winona Ryder at the height of her cool in a dark suit coat and buttoned-up shirt, then mixed in a bit of the Royal Tenenbaums to create a “retro, vintage” mood.

Yes, there were the requisite Margot Tenenbaum furs in deep green, black, and oatmeal, as well as a fun copper teddy bear number. A steel blue version was paired with a sky blue silk pleated dress, worn over a beige turtleneck and matching floor-length slacks for a clean look. Tailored top coats and high turtlenecks were a no-brainer, as was the overall effect—sophisticated and easy to wear.



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Planner 2018 - planner 2019- planner 2020



Old English Company As Seen In



Sex Education- Why is it not taught in Nigeria

Good day fellow readers, I thought I would do something slightly different I would not usually do on my blog which is talk about refusals of contraceptives to young girls and ladies in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

I have had a few friends and family members who have told me stories when they tried to request for a morning-after pill or even to buy condoms the pharmacists questioned them of their age let and also in most cases refused to sell them the contraceptives.

I would like to start raising awareness on the improvements on contraceptives for young girls and women in Nigeria to be able to receive free contraceptives in their local towns or villages and educate them on the different types of contraceptives and why it is better to allow a young girl buy a packet of condom than to refuse her

In Nigeria, about 85% of women and 95% of men reported knowing a contraceptive method. But just 15% were using it. The unmet needs of women wishing to stop or delay births by not using contraception are 16%.

Researchers placed the fertility rate in Nigeria at 5.7 children per woman, while the sexual and reproductive behaviour of Nigerians show that majority of men and women practice sex before marriage. This has necessitated the government to encourage the use of contraceptives among all sexually active age groups.

According to the Nigerian Demographic and Health Survey, 2013, about 23 percent of teenage girls between the ages of 15 and 19 are either pregnant with their first child or are already mothers, while half of the women between the ages of 25 to 49 years married between 18 to 20 years; thus the need for birth control pills or contraceptive technique to reduce unintended pregnancies, and encourage childbirth spacing.

There’s nothing to suggest that the situation has improved since the 2013 report. This is clear from Nigeria’s continued rates of population growth as well as maternal and infant deaths.

Only 15% of Nigerian women aged 15-49 use contraception for limiting and spacing of birth. A Nigerian woman gives birth to an average of 5.5 children in her lifetime. The country’s annual population growth rate as at 2015 was 2.6%.


Algeria provides a useful counterpoint. More than half – 57% – of married women are using contraception and a woman will give birth to an average of 3 children in her lifetime. The north African country’s annual population growth rate is 1.89.

So what is Nigeria doing wrong? And how can it be fixed?

I am starting a campaign to educate boys, girls (15 and over) parents and pharmacists on the importance of safe sex and not judging anyone who comes to buy or requests for any form of contraceptive and also been able to provide free contraceptives to communities that are unable to get access to it.

Please all I ask is for you to just support by sharing the article and also





Spring is HERE!: SS18 Bag Trends Must Haves

It is finally here.  YEP, that’s right good old spring.  It honestly felt like it has been forever winter has been going on for and we can now finally kind of bring out the lighter jackets and pastel colours we have all been waiting to wear, but wait I have decided to highlight my top spring bags, you should have in your wardrobe.

Are you an AU Natural, Cult/ Fanny Pack, Embellished or Practical bag holder, let me know in the comments below

MUI MUI SS18 Fanny pack
MUI MUI SS18 Fanny pack


Fanny pack, belt bag, bum-bag – the semantics alone will trigger a smile. Yet this former favourite of aerobics instructors and food truck vendors is enjoying a come back as it rides on the skirts of a hip-hop revival. They can be fanciful as in Miu Miu’s suede and leather quilted version, show off as in Balenciaga’s logoed number and even earthy as in a tan leather version by Wandler, a new brand from Amsterdam. From dawn squat jumps to nocturnal dance floors, the B bag is no bum deal



Embellished Bags are making a comeback

Luxury grained leather bags, in a compact, boxy shape adorned with embellishments such as embroidery, hardware, print, crystals, fringing, beading, patches and woven sections make for this season’s arm candy. The rectangular or square the boxy shape borrows from the Kelly or envelope clutch and the multi-textured finishes give those copycat merchants a run for their money. For embellished handbag style take a look at Coach, Prada, Versace and Marni.


Giambattista Valli
Giambattista Valli

Thom Browne

Thom Browne
Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton

Practical rucksacks in futuristic shapes, oversized totes, holdalls and courier bags make a welcome alternative to the array of petite sized options. Mesh, contrast zippers, wide straps and bright primary colours add to that sports luxe feel. While fabrics include soft leathers, scuba, rip-stop nylon and treated cotton canvas. As seen at Marc Jacobs, Fenty X Puma by Rhianna, Louis Vuitton, Tory Burch and Helmut Lang Seen by Shane Oliver


Au Natural

Miu Miu
Miu Miu
Miu Miu
Miu Miu

As seen last Spring/Summer the mood for woven bags in natural fibres such as straw, rattan, reed and bamboo were big in the trend stakes and this looks set to continue will into SS18. Wooden frames, woven leather and Macramé all feature as designers luxe up those natural summer staples, mix them other materials and give them a unique, modern twist. Going natural this season: Miu Miu, Michael Kors, Zimmerman and Vivienne Tam.

Here are a few more bag trends I believe you also need in your wardrobe



Givenchy Autumn/Winter 2018 Ready-To-Wear Collection


Women in Power: CEO & Miss Zimbabwe UK 2016

How is your new year going for you? And did you enjoy xmas?

Christmas was a blessing, got to spend some time with mother and sister. So really was in the festive spirits with my family around. My New Year is going quite well, cant really complain but surely it could be better then again I cannot go against what GOD has planned.

Oh lovely

You have had a very successful past few years, you were once miss Zimbabwe UK for the first time how was that for you?

Miss Zimbabwe UK was a journey that I never thought i would be part of again after I didn’t win the first time I tried but I still had the courage to try and again in order to achieve my goal. I would say then it was a good platform that I saw some positivity to be part of and use it to inspire other young female Zimbabweans. It was fun and confidence building for starters and the organisers where quite encouraging.

Did you face any challenges been miss Zimbabwe uk and how did you overcome it all?

In every pageant you always face challenges but with Miss Zimbabwe UK it wasn’t as hard I thought it would be. Some of the challenges I faced are the usual trying to find the perfect outfits, dance routine and cultural representation of what Zimbabwe is. I think the word was suffering from anxiety and a bit of fear. Prayer and words of encouragement from friends and my mother helped me stay focused, plus a bit of self discipline and meditation; helped overcome these challenges.

What did your mum say when you told her you joined the pageant? And how did she react?

My mum was never a fan these kind of things because she would say its a waste of time and money but eventually she got to like it in someway and was very supportive especially with Miss Zimbabwe UK, some of her friends and family members also helped in supporting. You know with African parents it will take some time for them to settle and get used to something, so eventually that was the result in the end and she was happy that I won the title.

You have used your platform very well, not many people know this but you own your own magazine called Effuse magazine and you have interviewed quite a number of people including myself lol

What made you to start Effuse? And how did the name come about?

Haha how can I ever forget you Camille. For Effuse Magazine to get where it is now it is all by Gods grace. I was in High School when i started thinking about the magazine, so about 15 years old. Back then I was studying media and doing quite a bit of blogging, the blog was called ‘Effusive Creation’. During my media course we had a module about magazines, so thats where part of the inspiration came from. One day I found myself in the library jotting down names thinking of what to name the magazine. So I looked up a few names on google with good meaning and I came across ‘Effuse’ which linked to effusive the blog name. So I just carried on from there and continued planning. Effuse is actually the first magazine by Zimbabwean in the UK and I would like to believe that I inspired my fellow mates and elders to start their own. It’s humbling having some of them come to me for advise, its one of those I don’t even expect myself because I am still learning.

Where do you see the magazine in the next 2-5 years?

I pray that the brand grows bigger than just being a magazine. I envision it as much bigger than just the magazine but as for right now and 3 years to come I want to build it up more and eventually being seeing amongst some of the greats VOGUE, COSMOPOLITAN, HAPERS BAZAAR, GQ, ELLE etc. I believe the future is bright for Effuse magazine, I just need to continue pushing it further and working hard.

How did you decide to pursue the career that you are working in today? What was a pivotal moment?

I have always wanted to be involved in media in someway or another when I was growing up. I used to do performing arts at very young age, unfortunately i haven’t discovered my singing voice yet lol but I am very good dancing. So performing arts and media has always been part of me which is why I found myself pursuing journalism as a career. I am currently in the process of studying for an LLM in Intellectual Property and Information Technology to go with my first BA honours degree in Broadcast Journalism.

What are the most important decisions that you face daily as a leader in your business?

Well working alone you always have to keep pushing and motivating yourself, that part of most important decision I face because if I don’t put in the work no one will do it. I just have to keep going no matter what the circumstances.

How do you maintain your and your team’s daily motivation and inspiration despite obstacles, pushback or setbacks?

To be honest it gets really hard and I am one of those people who don’t like to discuss if there is anything wrong,  I just keep it to myself and bottle it up; which is really bad and I wouldn’t advise anyone to do that. If things get hard I take time out and recharge my batteries, pray and get into that focus mode again, and if I’m not 100% I wait till God gives me a sign.

How do you foster creative and innovative thinking within your business? And How are ideas shared and implemented within your team?

At the moment I have Tapiwa Mugabe helping me with Effuse in terms of proof reading and picking certain front covers. We are both creative people, so most of the time we have similar ideas which makes it easier to get the work done.

What’s the best piece of advice you have received

Don’t respond to negativity with negativity!

20 years in the future what advice would you have for yourself

Always trust your first instinct, you can never go wrong!

What would you say to yourself when you were 16?

Some people are only temporary, some come to build and some come to destroy.

If you were a Juice what would you be?

Exotic juice!

Who do you look up to the most?

My mother.

What’s the last movie that made you cry?

Shape of water

What’s the last movie that made you laugh?

Thor Ragnarok. It was quite humorous.

What are the most important traits of successful leaders today?

I would say enthusiasm, social boldness and effective communicator!

What is the most important characteristic that every leader should possess?

Self motivation is must, consistency and most importantly direction. Those are some of the characteristics I live with.

Decisions questions

What is the best and worst decision you’ve ever made?

Working / Helping others without a signed contract. Putting so much effort into the work and not getting the credibility you deserve, been there a couple of times.

What was your dream job as a kid and why?

Chef! I used and still love coming but I listened to wrong people and that killed my dream.

What do you think is the most significant barrier to female leadership?

Togetherness! We are strong when we come together as women and work together / supporting one another. There is so much power when there is female empowerment and we need to eliminate the thought of competing against one another.

What woman inspires you and why?

Tyra Banks inspires me, not only was she a model but she build herself and become a successful entrepreneur with her own TV show which is something I hope to achieve for my generation.

What will be the biggest challenge for the generation of women behind you?

The biggest challenge I think it’s the fear of being accepted especially with social media now, its creating this unreal picture that only exist online without real life acceptance. Accept yourself for who you are and the rest flows.

When do you feel most creative ?

I feel most creative at night when I am home alone.

If your life was a song what would it be?

At the moment I think the perfect song is Tasha Cobbs – For Your Glory (When times are hard)



Too Good had their presentation Friday 16th February

Toogood is instilled with the unmistakable spirit of both sisters: Faye’s preoccupation with materiality and Erica’s audacious shape-making.

One a tinker, the other a tailor.

They approach fashion design obliquely, working with architects, product designers and painters to create hardwearing pieces that are both practical and sculptural.

Each garment takes inspiration from traditional workwear, transforming the idea of a uniform into a mark of individuality.

Sewn inside is an identification document, which traces its manufacture by crediting the designers and makers, with a space for the new owner’s name to be added in, encouraging a sense of connection to the chain of creation.


Burberry AW18 London Fashion Week

Day 2 of London Fashion week kicked off with BURBERRY, a British luxury fashion house, showed at London Fashion Week at 5pm this evening,I loved this entire collection unfortunately could not find any faults apart from celebrities turning up in the same Burberry jackets.

Cara Delevigne walked in a rainbow coat on the Burberry AW18 runway.

The model wore a Pride rainbow striped flap as she walked in the show.

Sienna Miller has been spotted on the Burberry London Fashion Week front row, wearing loose tartan track pants, a tartan shirt and a classic trench coat exposing a tartan lining, all by Burberry.

Anna Wintour has been pictured sitting front row at Burberry February 2018 show alongside daughter Bee Shaffer.

Burberry’s tartan check patterns have become synonymous with the brand’s image, and most recently Meghan Markle, 36, sported the pattern.

Burberry showcased its AW18 collection at London Fashion Week 2018.

The show took place at Dimco Buildings, a historic structure in White City.

it was the last show for Christopher Bailey, CEO of Burberry.

Models including Cara Delevigne walked the runway.


Successful Men in Music: Dj Selecta Maestro

Today, I have different to change it up a bit in terms of our series and adding a new one which looks at successful “Men In Music”; meaning I will be sitting down and having a chat with men from the Music industry from Top producers, sound engineers, artists, executives and many more in music and my first guest is DJ Selecta Maestro, Radio Host/DJ for Beat London 103.5fm (http://www.thebeat1036.com/).

Hey hey hey, been a while, how are you?

All good thanks. No gidi gidi on this side.( Ghanian slang for those wondering) 

It felt like January was going on forever don’t you think?

Yeah, that’s always the case. I’m kinda used to that now.

How’s the new year going for you?

So far so so good I guess.


Good to hear, please can you describe yourself in 3 words?
Off the top of my head I will say Calm, Musical, Focused.

So how did it all begin?

I discovered the art of Deejaying in 1999 whilst watching my late cousin DJ ESP (founder of the well-known sound system Spreadlove Entertainment) at a basement party in the West End. To put it lightly, that night left a lasting impression on me and pretty much led me to where I am today.


Where did the name come from, because the first time I met you, I kept asking myself how you came up with this name?

Well, a ‘Maestro’ by definition is a high ranking conductor/performer of classical music. With that said the name Maestro describes me in that same way but in the form of a DJ. I added ‘Selecta’ as a way of making it sound more unique.


Well, I would say you are the 3rd DJ that his set name is of good meaning unlike a few not naming names. Which would you say you came first; DJing, Production or Promoting?

I’m a DJ 1st and foremost. Everything else came afterwards.

I know you have travelled to many countries, which countries have you played/? And which did you enjoy the most?

Holland, Poland, Switzerland, Ireland, Scotland, and of course my homeland Ghana. I don’t have a particular favourite as each place came with a different learning experience.

Fair enough, What was the first event you ever played at/?

It was a house party sometime back in 2000 if my memory serves me correctly.

What’s the best event you’ve played at?

I wouldn’t say I have a particular favourite. Each gig you get comes with it’s good and bad points.


What was the first record you bought?
Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby. I remember going to the Our Price record store with my sister where we purchased that. Time Flies

vanilla ice

EHH Ice Ice Baby, Ice Ice Baby reminds me of the 90’s, Out of all the tunes you have, which one ‘never fails?’

That’s way too many to choose from. For today though I will say ‘Davido – If’.

What’s your favourite tune of all time?

I honestly don’t have one. Today I could be listening to Afrobeat, the following day it could be Reggae, and from there its wherever my iPod takes me.

When all the partying is over how do you like to chill out? I can guess you saying sleep.


Other than that I’m always working, to be honest.


Yeah, your schedule is always packed, took a while for us to secure this interview, Funniest thing that ever happened at an event?

I was Djing in Ghana 2 years ago and during my set, the lights and electricity went out in the club. That was an experience.

Other DJs you rate?

I have genuine respect for anyone and everyone within this profession. No favourites.


Who is a person that you considered as a role model early in your life? How and why does this person impact your life?

My late Grandmother. She is someone who showed love to all and would never ask for anything back. I learned a lot from her.

Shout out to all the grandparents with words of wisdom. What’s the best piece of advice you have received

Never stress things or situations beyond your control. This advice has helped me A LOT.


What would you say to yourself when you were 18?

I don’t remember at all. Back then I lived life on a day to day basis.


Okay, I was not expecting that so, If you were a Juice what would you be?

Fanta with no ice!

lol just remembered the song, I like my Fanta with no ice, anyways: What’s the last movie that made you cry? and do not tell me you do not cry for moviesThis question doesn’t apply to me. Apologies hehehe.

It was great having you be the first Succesful Men in Music, and I wish you more success. You can follow DJ Selecta Maestro on all his social media platforms below

Website: www.djselectamaestro.com

Twitter: @SelectaMaestro
Instagram: @selectamaestro
Facebook: DJ Selecta Maestro
Mixcloud: DJ Selecta Maestro
Soundcloud: Selecta Maestro


IMG_6756PicsArt_09-28-04.46.01PicsArt_02-10-07.51.10PicsArt_06-27-12.20.55PicsArt_02-10-07.50.27PicsArt_10-26-05.16.30IMG-20180208-WA0008IMG-20180208-WA0007vanilla iceIMG-20180208-WA0005IMG-20180208-WA0004IMG-20180208-WA0006


Men in Business: Meli Moyo (Check Out Africa & Promoshin)

This week has been a pretty relaxed week, for me as I have been catching up on my lectures, and assignments.

I sat down with Meli Moyo co-founder of Check Out Africa, and Promoshin Media & Marketing pr company. We discussed how he and his partner Ivor decided to create the online company which showcases Africa finest artefacts, fashion, culture and also African companies.

Meli is a man of business and at a young age is succeeding in his business ventures, check out how our interview went below.


How are you today, Happy New Year

I’m feeling blessed and highly favoured. Happy New Year to you too.

Last year was a successful year for you and your brand. What would you say was the highlight of 2017? 

I would say the highlight for me last year was all the great stuff we achieved for CheckOutAfrica. After going through a rebrand and website revamp, we can back strong with high profile interviews, more content and growing our social media following. 2017 was a good year for us.

And what are you looking forward to for 2018?

In 2018 I’m looking forward to more success & growth. We have launched Promoshin, our social media management and marketing agency and I’m excited about what’s to come.

Please tell our readers what you do?

I’m a jack of all trades and a master of some. I wear different hats in my roles, so I’m sometimes a content creator, a social media manager, a blogger, interviewer but I’m always a entrepreneur. I think we’re blessed in this day and age that we’re able to be multi-facetted creators and have that as a job role. I love it.

You are co founder of Check out Africa and Promoshin how did that come about and how did those two brands start? 

Well these companies have been around for a long time, but the last couple of years have been our most ‘successful’ if you will. The genesis of CheckOutAfrica came from a need to show the beauty of Africa. Unfortunately, media coverage of Africa doesn’t always present our Motherland as we Africans know it. We made it a mission to change the narrative around Africa, showcase the beauty in our many cultures and traditions, but also the beauty in our cities, villages and provinces. And social media gave us the tools to do this without going through mainstream media channels.

Promoshin, our social media management and marketing services started because we saw that a number of the companies we were working with had little or limited social media presence. So we set up and started helping businesses grow their online audience, amplify their reach and ultimately grow their business. The rest is history.

How did you get your idea or concept for your business ?

We saw the need and the demand, and decided we wanted to do something about it. Like most businesses. If you’re business isn’t meeting or addressing a social need, it can be hard to stay operational. So make sure you address a need and if it’s not there. Create it.

How did you know this is the career for you? And what made you to go forth and chase it?

I didn’t, I kind of fell into it. So it wasn’t a choice I made but something that happened naturally. This lifestyle is always glamourized or romanticized. However, not a lot can prepare you for the struggles that come with being an entrepreneur or a business owner, and it certainly isn’t all roses. There’s peaks and valleys, but you just have to keep pushing. A wise person once told me that being a entrepreneur is more about the journey than the destination. And that statement couldn’t be truer.

What made you choose this type of business?

Two things: one, access. The barriers to entry have essentially been kicked down. Social media and the internet has given us a voice, that people didn’t have before. Through social media we’re about to reach people in Africa from our phones or laptops. For an organisation like ours, that’s gold. We’re able to empower, inspire and collaborate with people in Africa remotely.

And in regards to Promoshin, social media marketing is crucial to businesses, this is the trend going beyond 2018 it seems. And with our skills we want to help businesses harness the power of social media as we have managed to do with CheckOutAfrica and others.

What is unique about your business?

What makes our business unique is our team. We don’t work like traditional companies. We have a genuine passion and care for the companies we work with. We work closely with all our clients so we’re personally invested in helping companies grow and reach their goals.

You have worked with a number of high end clients and brands have you ever turned down a client?

We haven’t turned down a client per se. We try to hear out anyone who gets in contact with us. However, there has been times when things haven’t worked out for various reasons obviously. Maybe the budget wasn’t right, we couldn’t work out schedules or just differences in perspectives.

And if so how did you know it was the right thing to do?

One thing we try to avoid having in our line of business is FOMO (fear of missing out) – When things haven’t worked out, we try to see to it as a blessing in disguise. We try to do the best for our clients and have a vested interest in their business, so when we get a client where we feel we this isn’t the case, we try not to do them a disservice by taking the project if we’re not fully invested.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

I would say comparison kills and perseverance is your oxygen.

What advice would you have for young men who are trying to get involved in the fashion and business industry?

I’d advice them to study their craft. Find balance and don’t be afraid to try things out. Don’t feel like you should know exactly what you want do, you can take time to explore and figure it out. It’s a marathon not a race.

Do you ever take time out to relax and rest and if so what are the things you like to do in your free time?

I’ve been lucky to have a good work-life balance, in my free time I like to chill and hang out. Grab a drink with friends, go to a concert, see a movie. Live life not just exist, if you know what I mean. 

Finally As a business owner, what are your top three priorities? And Do you set high expectations or tolerate mediocrity? 

Balance & Discipline: Not comparing ourselves to other organisations and being disciplined in our practices enough to make our business succeed.

Knowledge: What we’re doing to stay ahead of our competition but also how we’re empowering and inspiring others to have a voice.

Network: Not only networking up but networking across –  So not only trying to work with people in a better position or higher up in the food chain than us but working with people from our backgrounds, different African countries. Growing our network so we can better help others too.

We do not tolerate mediocrity. We definitely set high expectations, mostly for ourselves as an organisation.

How do you balance the up-keep of CheckOutAfrica and social media outlets ?

Updating social media platforms and outlets has become second nature at this point. Obviously we use social media tools and resources where we can but for the most part we manually manage our social media platforms as well as for clients. It can be a lot of work but you learn to love it.

Where would you like the businesses to be in the next 5 years?

For CheckOutAfrica, in 5 years we will be bigger, with offices in Africa and also working with bigger organisations and actively doing more work within Africa. Promoshin will be bigger and better. High profile clientele and offering a wider array of services.

What advice do you have for the young men trying to start up a marketing and social media platform ?

I would advise them is build your own social media platforms first before managing others. Also, stay up to date with the trends. Social media moves very quickly, trends change over night. We’ve seen it recently with Instagram, so it’s important to know whats happening. But most importantly, have fun. Nothing is worth doing if you’re not having fun or enjoying yourself, so try to do something you truly enjoy and will fulfil you.

Importantly, you don’t own your Instagram account, your twitter account or whatever platform you use. You’re renting the space, and if your business is solely based on a social media platform, whether you have 1M or 1K followers you’re always an algorithm or a new popular platform away from not having a business. Think beyond social media.

You can follow Lynn and Check Out Africa & Promoshin on all Social media platforms 




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Women in Power: Erica Matthews Fashion/celebrity stylist & content creator

Please tell us your career field in 5 words?

Fashion/celebrity stylist content creator


You have been in the fashion industry for many years now, styling celebrities and high-end magazines such as Vogue

How did you first get into fashion?

I am definitely blessed to have some of my work featured in Vogue magazine. Surprisingly, I never knew the job role existed! It really began as a hobby for me while working in retail and I worked my way from a sales advisor to a visual merchandiser. But things really began moving for me when a high street brand PR Director/Stylist Arieta Mujay spotted my work, she took me under her wing and taught me the basics. The next thing I knew I was assisting for editorials and designer shows at Fashion week and assisting with styling Celebs like Kelly Rowland etc.

What inspired you to join the field?

I think it was the encouragement of hearing that a hidden passion of mine can become a career. “Fashion Styling” was definitely a more elite role a few years ago when I started. With the support of my mum, I took the chance – quit my job and so many opportunities began coming my way.


Your portfolio is quite impeccable, I do not even know where to start from. What would you say are your top 5 styling opportunities you have had?

Styling Shingai Shoniwa for the Africa Express performance with Sir Paul McCartney

Styling Samantha Harvey for a Pepsi campaign

My First International job in Milan styling a Lookbook for Designer Alberto Zambelli

My First ever international commercial campaign for Sleek Hair

Seeing my styling featured in British Vogue twice

You have been in this industry for a while now did you think it’s easier now or back then to gain exposure and work?

I think there are elements which make it both easier and harder now, but the real exposure is about knowing the right people. Previously you didn’t really have that many platforms to promote yourself for free, whereas now we have so many i.e. Instagram – which I believe is the number one visual platform to promote yourself. Because of this shift, brands/clients now Increasingly want to book “people”. So the number of followers you have and your stats can increase your chance of being booked apposed to just how great your portfolio is. But it’s important to always be flexible and fresh. 

Do you think social media has helped in your career field now in terms of gaining more exposure than you would have in the past?

In a world with no social media, we used strong branded websites and word of mouth which still are the strongest career builders in my own opinion. But I definitely feel that social media has helped by; putting a face to my name, making me more accessible and building my brand presence.

Do you believe there’s competition in the fashion styling and social media industry as people claim there is?

Unfortunately, there is and I have experienced it myself. I see people with little experience of styling being featured in magazines as style experts and creating collections with designers. I’ve seen editors give up their front row seat at fashion week for socialites. But I make it my business to open the fashion door to working & aspiring stylists out there, especially via my youtube tutorials. I believe that there is room for all of us and if you work hard and keep improving, it will pay off!

I know family always comes first for you has there been times you have had to. Miss Big opportunities because of a family commitment?

My family is so important to me and I think I love them even more because they understand my grind. I don’t have any kids of my own so they all understand that big opportunities only propel my career. – Last year I missed my nieces huge birthday party because I flew out to Monaco for a last minute job.


You have a great following you are now on 20+ followers on all your social media platforms there are a few influencers and brands that only care about the numbers. Do numbers matter or is content more important? 

Content and numbers are equally important! I say this at least twice a week when answering questions in my DM’s. Consistently great content helps to build all your social numbers. If you want to loan items as a fashion stylist then PR’s are more focused on your portfolio and body of work. So you can push your social if it showcases your work well!, But now that I have stepped into the influencer world with more brand collaborations I have found that they are a lot more about followers and your interactions etc.


You have used your platform very well, not many people know this but you are a mentor, content creator and new to YouTube

What made you start YouTube and mentoring? And are you glad you started it

I was in a really low place in my life. Recently heartbroken and just came out of a surprise operation and lost my visual job I was doing on the side. I was listening to a Joyce Meyer Podcast and she said: “if you want to know how to make yourself feel better – Help somebody else”. For years I had spoken about starting YouTube, so I used my savings and bought a camera and a light and decided to just film. I thought, If I could help just one person out of despair it would be worth it! The lovely messages I get from my subscribers really knock me off my feet sometimes! It’s one of the best decisions I have ever made!

Where do you see yourself in the next 2-5 years?

This year has already served me some surprises which I will be announced VERY soon! But I have learned not to make my life plans a box to keep myself in. Being freelance is fun and exciting and you literally have no idea what opportunity could be coming around the corner.

I always love working hard in silence and letting my successful moments make the noise. But you can definitely find me somewhere between working much harder to build my brand and my presence and drinking more water lol!


How did you decide to pursue the career that you are working on today? What was a pivotal moment? 

I was working as a visual merchandiser full time and I had a manager who just didn’t want to see me grow. I wanted to study fashion – she said no. I had an opportunity to be featured in company magazine – She (tried) to say no. I was offered to be head stylist assistant for a fashion show at London fashion week – she said no. I have always been a creative free-spirit and she clipped my wings so much, I knew it was time to fly.

What are the most important decisions that you face daily as a leader?

Time is precious. So I make sure that I cherish each moment. I always make sure that I am organised and at least do three major things on my to-do list every day! For years, I read productivity as work, work, work. Now I know this also means I need to have “me moments” where I switch of and focus on making myself happy.


How do you maintain your and your team’s daily motivation and inspiration despite obstacles, pushback or setbacks?

It’s surprising to some, but I actually work alone. I motivate myself daily with a morning social ban. I read my bible devotionals and meditate and set out what I need to achieve for the day.

Most importantly, I have learned to take each day as it comes which means over preparing. With experience, you learn the different things that can happen on a day-to-day basis and always remain professional in any situation.


What’s the best piece of advice you have received?

“The harder you work, the luckier you get”


What are the most important traits of successful leaders today?

consistency, faith, fearlessness, versatility and persistence


Now-a- days you don’t see leaders who have faith in any industry, so What is the most important characteristic that every leader should possess?



That’s very true, I believe patience takes you very very far, What are the most pressing challenges that leaders are facing today? And why?

I think the biggest problem is jumping on the comparison train. At the height of the digital era, we spend a lot of our time scrolling through our phones, bombarded by other peoples showreels. We end up being pressured into PR’ing our own lives, whilst wanting someone else’s ‘perfect’ life. It’s dangerous because the journey is just as important as the milestones. Brand identity and individuality are crucial in such a saturated industry and more than a few end up becoming clones. Very few use their individuality as a driving force for their success.


that’s why we are seeing young people, changing careers every day because they are constantly comparing themselves with other people. Do you have a mentor? If so, what traits are you seeking a mentor and why?

I don’t currently have a mentor, but the ones I worked with were always realistic, optimistic and very thorough with accountability in my goal setting.


What are you doing daily to ensure your growth and development continues as a successful business owner? If so, how? 

As mentioned before, I think a good balance between work time and my time is very important. I work with a goal setting based diary that I use every day. I have some main goals to achieve throughout the year – both business and personal ones. Every month I work towards these goals day by day. consistency is key, patience is key and you’ll always find me listening to some motivating podcasts or a book – the current book I’m reading is ‘In the meantime’ by Iyanla Vazant.

What is the best and worst decision you’ve ever made?

Best decision: Putting my happiness first

Worst decision: Working for a client I cared about for free.


What was your dream job as a kid and why?

Very Cliche, but fashion is in my blood. My mum was a designer. She studied fashion and has attended Paris Fashion Week shows like Yves Saint Laurent when she was younger. She gave me her fashion gene for sure! I would literally drive her crazy because she would wash clothes and fold them away and I couldn’t help but change my outfit 10 times in a day.


What do you think is the most significant barrier to female leadership?

Even in fashion, the job roles are still significantly dominated by men., I would love to see a lot more women in leading roles i.e. photographers, creative directors, fashion stylists etc.


What woman inspires you and why?

There are so many powerful and hardworking women out there that inspire me but Kahlana Barfield is definitely one of them! She worked her way from the bottom to the top and has etched her mark in the industry as the editor in chief of Instyle Magazine US! Her expertise range from fashion and beauty to all things lifestyle! She has created with an amazing name for herself with all of her hard work and she does all this while being a great wife and mother! What a superwoman!!


What will be the biggest challenge for the generation of women behind you?

The advice I give out the most is telling women to “just believe in yourself”. Self-belief can truly move mountains. Without it we would never start, we wouldn’t get back up, we would keep comparing ourselves to others and we wouldn’t keep pursuing our dreams. So believing in yourself and your own ability and your individuality is POWER!

When do you feel most creative?

I feel the most creative at night, I am such a night owl.


If your life was a song what would it be?

I can’t share my life story one day! Alicia Keys – Girl On Fire!!


And what words of wisdom would you like to share with young and older women in the beauty, YouTube and Instagram industry? 

The industry is fast-shifting and there are people less qualified than you doing things you want to do – simply because they decided to believe in themselves. So starting from today, stop second guessing your self, stop procrastinating and get started with what you have now!


how do you balance travelling and spending time with family?  

I am quite lucky that with a close-knit family we have a tradition that Sunday’s are a family day. So I see everyone on a Sunday and try my best to never work on a Sunday either.


20 years in the future what advice would you have for yourself 

Hard work definitely pays off, believe in yourself, love yourself, don’t settle and trust your intuition!


What would you say to yourself when you were 16?

Life will change so much for you. Cherish each day you have, especially the ones you have with your dad! Work hard and follow your passion because it will lead you to your purpose!


If you were a Juice what would you be?

 Could I be a cocktail instead? lol!


( me cracking up) lol cocktail is perfectly fine, quite different. Who do you look up to the most?

There are so many inspiring women, so I look up to women who are confident, humble and kind!


What’s the last movie that made you cry?

Moana.. it’s completely underrated!


wait wait Moana like the Disney movie like Moana one of my favourite movies made you cry, awwww glad I am not the only one who cries to this then phew lol. So What’s the last movie that made you laugh?

I’ve watched it so many times!! Bridesmaids


I feel like we have the same taste in movies, you have reminded me to watch Bridesmaids this weekend And finally 5 words of encouragement to young women who would want to be in the fashion industry ?

Hard Work Always Pays Off!


Well that definitely sums it up, hard work always pays off, you were a gem and you gave me a few motivational words of wisdom to take with me. Thank you for allowing me to interview you and we would be rooting to see more of your work in the future

I hope you enjoyed this interview as much as we did, you can follow Erica on all social media platforms 

Website: www.ericamatthews.co.uk
YouTube: www.youtube.com/ericamatthews
Email: info@ericamatthews.co.uk
Social: @ericafmstyle 


BonPoint Winter 2018 Runway Show


BonPoint showcased their winter 2018 collection on Wednesday 24th January at Hotel De Brancas, Paris, under the artistic direction of Christine Innamorato.

Bonpoint’s collection for the winter collection 2018 season adopts al the colours of creation, whether they be pictorial or inspired by the beauty of nature.

They were notable guests which included: Lake Bell, Charlotte Groeneveld Van Haren, Stefano Tonchi,  Mimi Thorisson, Georgina Cohen and many more.

It was great to see the warm colours and also keeping to BonPoint’s traditional tones



Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Sense Launch

Last night I had the pleasure of attending Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Sense Launch at Noho Studios in london.

The night was filled with PR companies, bloggers (like myself) and celebrities ( Jamie Jewit; Professional Boxer, Pete Wicks; The Only Way is Essex, Sam Callahan: Singer Sam Thompson from Made in Chelsea ) and the Wilkinson Team which was a pleasure to meet and talk to.

I learnt about when the company fist started in 1773 and how it has developed in 246 years, from been a heavy shaving device for men to been a modern, light, flexible and compact to use for both genders.

Pete Wicks was barber for the event who gave Sam Thompson and Jamie Jewitt a facial trim using the Hydro Sense 5

The event was very successful and I am glad I was able to experience it all, I can not wait to try my Hydro 5 Sense Sensitive razor and give you all my feedback on the products

Wilkinson Sword’s Hydro 5 Sense razor & blades. Hydro 5 Sense features include: A built-in shock absorber/ Flipper trimmer/ Cartridge with 7 hydrating gel pools that contain menthol/ And 5 Ultra Glide Blades with Skin Guard. Leaving your skin feeling energized.

Hydro 5 Sense, designed to give a close shave.

Hydro 5 Sense is built to address irritation head-on with the inclusion of an innovative built-in shock absorber on the razor head that allows for an incredibly close shave, alongside unique refill gel formulas which provide specific shaving benefits that cater to men’s differing needs.

How to use

Hydro 5 Sense razor auto-adjusts when pressure is applied, flexing as needed and absorbing excess energy that normally exerts onto the skin. When the pressure goes away, the razor returns to its original state.

1:Exfoliate – It will help prepare the skin for your shave.

2: Wet your stubble with warm water before shaving to hydrate the hair making it easier to cut.

3: Make sure your blades are sharp. Dull blades are the culprit for most shaving accidents.

4: Shave the most sensitive area of your face first – the neck and below the jawbone – then move up the face, applying gentle pressure and shaving with the grain of the hair.

5: Apply oil / alcohol free moisturiser to soothe, protect and invigorate your skin.

Important info

1. Built-In Shock Absorber: Featuring shock absorption technology, the mechanism inside “senses” when different pressure is exerted on skin during shaving and auto adjusts to provide the optimum amount of pressure.

2. The Flip Trimmer, with a simple flick of the thumb, no need to turn the handle over, the trimmer can be used to edge and trim, reaching those hard to get areas such as under the nose.


PEG-115M, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Stearate, Cyclodextrin, Sodium Starch Octenylsuccinate, Menthol, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Panthenol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Tocopherol, Maltodextrin, Aqua, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Candelilla Cera, Hydrated Silica

Images from the night


CYO Cosmetics Launch London

What is CYO Cosmetics?

C.Y.O. serves up an impressive 160 products including contour sticks, mattifying primer, lipstick and liner duos, metallic eye shadow pots (that happen to look like perfect M.A.C. dupes, btw), illuminating foundation, liquid lipsticks, ombré lipsticks, and bronze shimmering body oil. They even have a few eye shadow palettes with kickass names like “Rainbow Warrior Showdown” and “Rainbow Warrior Front Woman.” Excited yet? Brace yourself for the best part: everything is under £7

“CYO is challenging the norms of how beauty products are used — we’re giving make-up a shake-up,” Lauren Consiglio, Americas Category Director overseeing CYO Cosmetics, said in a press release. “We’ve created an edgy line that doesn’t break the bank and goes beyond your typical beauty boundaries.”

Good news for lovers of killer drugstore makeup (read: all of us), beloved cheap beauty brand E.l.f. finally has some real competition. Meet C.Y.O., Walgreens’ solution to a product line that makes your wallet just as happy as your beauty bag.

CoverGirl Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation Review

“CYO is challenging the norms of how beauty products are used — we’re giving make-up a shake-up,” Lauren Consiglio, Americas Category Director overseeing CYO Cosmetics, said in a press release. “We’ve created an edgy line that doesn’t break the bank and goes beyond your typical beauty boundaries.”

C.Y.O. is designed for Gen Zers — from product to packaging, to price, the new budget-friendly brand is designed to look just as chic on Instagram or Snapchat as it does on your face.

Big Thank you to CYO Cosmetics for having me on Thursday at their launch had an amazing time, trying out their new line

Highlights from the night