Screen Nation Awards “Pink World Outfit” 2017

me screen nation awards


one outfit, I would shudder in disbelief and probably call you crazy. But somehow, with my continued obsession with random layering I managed to get all of these elements into a single look – and also a black tote bag to top it all off.

To style this look (and many others) I tend to start with a main item of clothing or an accessory that will be the focal point of the look. This is the item that I’ll build on top of, let’s call this a “Pink World ”. For example, the hero of this outfit is the matching pink blush coat and pink nude trainers with mix and match green cameo detail. After deciding the base or focus of your outfit all you have to do is build on that. This method is key when I’m trying to piece together a look with complicated or eclectic layering. So this shows you how easy and eclectic outfit can be!


ASOS WHITE Wool Mix Overcoat With Pearl Fastening


Green Jumper Next

unfortunately this is no longer in stock guys, but I did find it in Asos|39786589403|pla-292026956043&gclid=CjsKDwjw0cXIBRCxjqnE3K3sHhIkAL1LezScR_1zFI9eimuswbS9WOgtDh9czlTd7kG_371AyodSGgJoW_D_BwE





Photos by Cheem Luke

Location: Park Plaza, Vauxhall, London

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