“Hear No Evil”  Laura Rael-Brook Art Exhibition

Hey Chamillionaire’s

I was kind enough to be invited to Hampstead artist Laura Rael-Brook, the daughter of the legendary shirts manufacturer Harry Rael-Brook, Press viewing on Thursday 5th September but honestly could not attend on the day due to childcare (parents/guardians would understand) but I was honest enough and informed the pr team my reasons why and asked if I could go the following day to meet the artist instead and thankfully they agreed, so on Friday 6th September I was able to meet the lovely Laura Rael-Brook and spoke to her about her “Hear No Evil”  art exhibition what inspired her to  showcase the artworks of an intense career, expressing the trauma and beauties of life, her Jewish heritage, and causes she cares for.

The Lucky Golfer is definitely a piece which is very interesting the materials used really put the art together

Mask of different faces


This piece was one of my favourites paintings as it was very captivating and the story behind is, her showing the three stages the prisoners felt at the concentration camp, from at first been free, then going to the concentration camp to then been burnt and finally their souls been free, the eyes represents a person who is in a cage at the concentration camp scared, nervous and sad.


Artworks include sculpture Holocaust Bride she worked on for 6 years. As you walk around it, it reflects so many of her feelings about the Holocaust and her personal trauma of losing her beloved sister to breast cancer.

The three musicians art piece is her favourite painting, she used acrylic paint to do this, painting several layers unto the canvas and then chipping bits away once the painting was dried

The Three Musicians




Monkey holding a baby



The title piece, Tobacco Marijuana is an installation made of gabions to reflect on the destructive demons of addictives.

Toast is an impressive piece of gabions, stones, varnished bread, and a toaster.

The artist’s feelings about animal cruelty are reflected in the unique artwork Karma.

Love, Hope, Passion was inspired by nature and shows three pieces of wood symbolising three of the most powerful feelings.

Laura was involved in art already at the age of 16. After her studies, she worked as a window dresser of the major stores in Savile Rowe, her works were covered in several newspapers.

She has an intense career working on a wide range of artworks. “Creating an artwork is a journey for me. I think of an idea and then constantly look at things for inspiration. I put so much of myself into it.” – she says.

Here are more detailed images from the exhibition

Karma- the blue gorilla cut into half and a blown up soldier the insides of the gorilla

The devils and his mistress is a painting that took Laura many years to complete


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Irish Jigger painting

IMG_5054IMG_5053Solo exhibition of Laura Rael-Brook

Available now – Sept 29 2019 

OmniDe Showroom, 96, Belsize Lane  NW3 5BE

Omnide++ Showroom is a beautifully arranged creative hub giving space to events, creative projects and presenting sophisticated fine arts and high end finishes for suppliers wishing to showcase their products. “The closer and wider communities are very important for us,” – says Ivan Lazzaroni, Director of OmniDe. – “We believe in collaborations and offer a creative hub to share ideas among designers, artists, suppliers, and architects. It’s a pleasure to have such a talented artist like Laura for the second time at our venue.” 

190530-Laura-Rael-Brook-112fullsizeoutput_6be (1)fullsizeoutput_6caHolocaustBride2

IMG-20190321-WA0016-copy-1Karma (1)



The talented artists laura Rael-Brook sculpting away

Photo-5 (1)

Here you can find photos of some of her earlier exhibitions, to give you a taste of these: http://contentbonum.com/lauraraelbrook/


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